Incentive & Meeting Reward Travel

Travel rewards continue to be an important choice for top businesses to increase performance and/ or customer loyalty.   Incentive and/or meeting travel gives business the opportunity to discuss business objectives with their highest performers while obtaining customer loyalty.  Successful incentives and meetings require more than your own experience and intuition.  You must target your audience with the right destination, activities and structure of the program. These strategic elements work together to impact the effectiveness of your incentive and meeting travel reward.

What can your company gain from incentive & meeting reward travel?

  • Motivate your sales force and customers
  • Higher employee retention
  • Increase product knowledge and customer loyalty
  • It’s also a great way to simply say thank you to those who help make your business a great success!


Preferred Award Certificates

Discover How Easy It Is!

Top 10 reasons to use our Preferred Awards Certificates for your incentive program:

  1. No minimum purchase
  2. All inclusive prices and packages for two people
  3. Valid for 18 months
  4. Fully upgradeable (optional pricing)
  5. Offers award recipient the flexibility and freedom to travel when they want
  6. Easy delivery and redemption
  7. People love to travel
  8. Great Value
  9. Incentive certificates catered to them and budgeted to you
  10. Customize trips to fit your needs